Sinful Sunday – Doing the Dishes

Several weeks ago a conversation on Twitter involved men, housework, and how we should do housework naked. Not surprisingly that lead to me posting a half-nekkid photo, which then lead to a promise to show myself doing the dishes.

It took me long enough, but today I finally got around to fulfilling that promise, and I like the photos so much I decided to resurrect this old blog and share them with more than just a couple of friends!


*click-click* for another viewpoint :-)


Sinful Sunday, where it’s all about the image

Sinful Sunday

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20 Responses to Sinful Sunday – Doing the Dishes

  1. sexwithrose says:

    Mmmmm very yummy and sexy ;) *fondles*

  2. GeekyNymph says:

    Yay! :D I love doing chores naked too. May I join in? ;)

  3. Kassandra says:

    These are definitely worth resurrecting your blog. I can’t pick my favourite. Very sexy!

  4. *tacklehug* Hello! And hello!

    xx Dee

  5. There is nothing better than having a naked man doing the dishes :)

    Rebel xox

  6. Molly says:

    Whoop! I am smiling so much that you have made a return. Now, what time will you be at my place, I have a very large pile of dishes for you to deal with ;)


  7. Love!!!!! Both watching you work, and watching you work naked!! Nice sunny kitchen too – Any chance the shades were up and the neighbors got a peek?! ;-)

  8. You are such a delicious man… You can do my dishes, and me, anytime!

  9. Oooo, feel free to come wash my dishes! .. Is it wrong that I’m also intrigued that your sink is in the middle of the kitchen?!

    Love the angle of the first one, looks like Big Brother is watching you! x

  10. John D says:

    There’s hardly any water in the sink!

    I like doing household chores naked too. Makes them more palatable almost! :)

  11. Hyacinth says:

    This is fantastic. I have The Neighbor vacuum for me naked all the time. He’s even done laundry and other chores for me in that state. Fucking h a w t to see men in that state. Makes your ass look 100x hotter, btw. xx Hy

  12. msbunnywhite says:

    Naked chore time is always fun and for some reason makes me want to dance. Lovely pictures.

  13. piecesofjade says:

    Umm…I have a sinkful of dishes that need to be done… ;-)

  14. KaziG says:

    You can come do my dishes anytime ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  15. JillianBoyd says:

    Ehm… something something, do my dishes. Yeah.

  16. What a good boy. *Giggles*

  17. Penny says:

    These are awesome! So sexy and fun. :)

  18. So happy to see the blog resurrected, even if it was just for this post. I hope you post more again!

  19. G says:

    Wow, exciting to see so much more of you!!!

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