Sinful Sunday – Big Blue

The kids were at school on Friday and we were enjoying a mid-day romp, and while Veronica enjoys climbing on for a ride, she *really* enjoys going on her back and having me insert the toy now known as ‘Big Blue’ into the fun :-)


bigblue1Kiss the lips to see who else is playing along this week!

Sinful Sunday

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Elust #58

Photo courtesy of Pandora Blake

Welcome to Elust #58 -

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Sinful Sunday – Masculine

I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity that when I custom-order a speed rope for CrossFit, I get the pink camouflage handles :-)



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Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday – Sexting Gone Wrong

I have a friend, she’s used 2 different numbers when we’ve texted before, sometimes she’s using her iTouch, other times she’s on her phone. Evidently she changed one of her numbers, and someone else has it now, because this is what happened when I recently tried to send her a photo…

*click-click* to see why they thought I was so sick :-)

IMG_8717Visit the Sinful Sunday page to see who else is playing along this week!

Sinful Sunday

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Size Matters

Or rather I should say, height matters :-)

At least when it comes to 69

I’ve never been much of a fan of 69. Don’t get me wrong, I love oral sex, both giving and receiving, but 69 never really did it for me. Keep in mind that I’m 6’2″ and of all my partners, only a few were 5’10″ or taller and I honestly don’t recall trying 69 with any of them.  When there’s such a height difference between partners, parts just don’t line up right when she parks her ass over my face.

And then I met R, all 6’1″ of her.

Round one was over and we were relaxing on the bed. She started gently stroking my flaccid cock until it was getting hard again, then took me into her mouth. After a few moments, she moved into 69, with her on top of me.

There it was, her pretty little cunt, right there for me to enjoy while she expertly sucked my cock.

And it dawned on me, as her juices dripped down my face and my cock slid down her throat, the secret to 69 is finding a partner as tall as you are!

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Risky Business

Hi, I’m back :-)

It’s really frustrating being deployed 6000 miles from home, having the freedom to play with others, but not be willing or able to take advantage of it.  Case in point…

The camp that I’m calling home these days has a pool.  Due to the generally conservative nature of the military and perhaps in deference to the values of the Muslim citizens who work as contractors, women were only permitted to wear one piece swimsuits.  However, yesterday the news went out that the rule is being relaxed, women will now be permitted to wear ‘conservative’ two piece swimsuits at the pool.

This was a topic of conversation at the CrossFit gym and I jokingly remarked to a friend “so I guess that means you can’t wear your thong to the pool”

“I actually have one, bought it to wear on vacation last summer”

That stopped me in my tracks, I didn’t know what to say, or rather, I couldn’t bring myself to say what I was thinking. She’s a good looking girl and I know from Facebook that she’s single (or at least not married) and the thought of seeing her in a thong bikini is certainly an arousing one. I wanted to say something flattering and a little suggestive because hey, you never know where it might lead.

The reality is, for most people consensual non-monogamy lies far outside of any social construct that they’re willing to accept.  How might she react to a more suggestive overture? I’m a married man *and* an officer in the US Army *and* the Army is hyper-reactionary to anything that hints at sexual harassment.

So, for the umpteenth time since I arrived here 4+ months ago, I bit my tongue…

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Sinful Sunday – Heads

Sometimes, I think with this head.

Sometimes, the other head takes over

head1aOnce again it’s theme-week for Sinful Sunday, this time it’s “macro” and while my macro lens is 6000 miles away, I like the images I came up with anyway :-)

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Sinful Sunday

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